Shipping & payment info


We have been shipping custom painted and motorcycle parts back and forth the U.S. and Canada since long before the internet explosion. We have dealt with shops, individual customers and large manufacturers and have learned quite a bit about packaging and mailing precious cargo.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Please make an effort to drain all gas and oil from tanks before packaging. Also clean undersides of fenders of excess grease, tar etc. There will be an extra charge for any excessive cleaning of parts.
  • Lots of room between parts packaged in the same box and lots of foam peanuts, bubble wrap, cardboard cushions etc. Filling up the void space in the box. There should be no way the parts can move around once the box is closed.
  • Use a good sturdy cardboard box and lots of quality tape, not some funky box you've had in the garage for 20 years and masking tape.
  • Use shipping labels and write clearly. Also include your name and address in an envelope inside the box with a list of the parts enclosed in it.
  • Mark any fenders, side covers, trim pieces, engine or drive line parts with "front", "back", "top", or "bottom" etc., We know what most of the stuff is and how it is oriented but we can't possibly know how everything goes on every make and model.
  • BUY INSURANCE!!! Both ways. To us and back to you.
  • Don't be afraid to let the pros do it. Your local UPS or FedEx shipping outlet will be glad to package your parts for you for a nominal fee. Remember, these packages are being stacked on top of and underneath other packages, run around conveyor lines and fork lifts, loaded and unloaded off of docks and trucks so even with the most careful preparation sometimes damage does occur. However it has been our experience that with good packaging practices, it is very rare. In any case buy insurance.
  • When shipping your parts back to you, we go to great lengths in our packaging methods including combinations of special double wall boxing, expanding foam packets, bubble wraps, foam peanuts etc. In order to insure that you receive your freshly painted parts in he same "show quality" condition as when they left our shop.
  • Depending on the size and quantity of parts we are packing and shipping we will charge fee's between $25 - $50 dollars in addition to regular shipping charges. We normally ship U.P.S. or FedEx ground but we can and will make any special shipping arrangements you may desire. We offer worldwide shipping. Check out the U.P.S. and FedEx shipping estimators provided here for ball park estimates of your prospective shipping costs.


  • Down Payment:

When we have reached agreement with you on design, colors and final cost, we will require a 30% deposit of the total, minus shipping and or excessive clean up costs to begin work on the job. This can be done by using our Pay Pal or Secure Credit Card options, or by money order or personal check, either in an envelope taped to your parts inside of a box, or by mailing it to us separately. (See contact us)

  • Final Payment:

    When the job is finished we will e-mail you a batch of pictures of the work, along with a final invoice, including return shipping charges. upon your approval, we will ship your parts as soon as payment has been received in full.
  • Methods of Payment:

    We accept payment thru our Secure Credit Card form, Pay Pal or Money Order. Personal checks are accepted for down payment only, and if you are picking up your parts in person, we will gladly accept cash. Also, we will consider trades on anything of value, for either full or partial payment.


We will consider trades on (but not limited to) the following items:

  • High performance and custom automobile parts
  • Motorcycle parts - new or used, high performance, stock or custom
  • High quality hand tools, power tools, machine tools etc.
  • High quality automobile type spray painting - body shop equipment
  • High quality art equipment and air brush items
  • High quality audio & video equipment
  • High quality computer and office equipment
  • High quality camera and studio equipment
  • High quality jewelry - platinum, gold, silver, diamonds and precious stones
  • Memorabilia - collectable items
  • Neon signs - clocks etc.
  • High quality firearms and sporting equipment
  • High quality welding equipment
  • High quality health & exercise equipment

This is a partial list, as we said earlier we will consider trades on "anything" of value, no junk and absolutely no hot (stolen) stuff. Give us a call, lets see if we can make a deal. (402) 884-5959.