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Two sets of semi-transparent flames intertwined together, one set a medium Candy Orange with an Orange pinstripe outline, the other a light Candy Magenta with a Red pinstripe outline, over a base color of Cadillac three stage Candy Copper. We have installed a Hot Match flush mount cap in the tank, a custom L.E.D. taillite in the rear fender, and the frame has been fully molded. This bike is a multiple Best Paint, Best Engine, Best of Show winner. Check out our Hot Rods & Hot Babes page for some killer foto's of this bike with some sweet eye candy.


Injected Road King sheet metal,2 sets of flames, one set Orange to Dark Orange to Red fade hot-rod flames, the other set Silver Pearl, over a base color of Crimson Candy over Rose Metallic.


Not many drop-top's made during WW2 years, this is a nice one. Traditional hot-rod flames with a Purple pinstripe outline , over Hot Rod Red.Hood has been welded ,peaked, and filled, and Buick portholes added to the sides. Door and deck handles have been shaved, too many other mods to list here.
8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1